Apply for Ration Card in Delhi

Apply for Ration Card in Delhi

Delhi government has provided online facility for Ration Card/ Food Cards for citizens. The people can apply for New Ration Card, Change in Ration Card, Change in Name/ Address or other details through the same official portal of Food Security, Delhi. The same has been operated by Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs, GNCT of Delhi.

Apply for New Ration Card-

Application can be made through the Application Form for NFSA 2013. The form can be downloaded through the website in PDF format.

Apply for Duplicate Ration Card in Delhi-

In case your Ration Card has been lost, torn or misplaced need not worry. You can apply for Duplicate Ration Card. You’ll have to submit an affidavit and copy of FIR along with the Application Form.

To Add New Member (Name Addition) in Ration Card-

If you want to get add any new member’s name in ration card, you have to submit Surrender/ Name Deletion Certificate from previous Ration Card or an affidavit as per the Annexure III.

Name Deletion from Ration Card-

Applicant should apply on a plane paper with the reason for deletion of name of family member. A proof i.e. death certificate/ marriage certificate should be supplied.

Correction/ Modification in Ration Card-

Changes can be made in the Ration Card by supplying the necessary documents as below mentioned-

Change in Name –

For Change in Name, the applicant should have to attach a Copy of the Advertisement Published in any News Paper regarding the Name Change Declaration. If the change is major, an affidavit should be provided by the applicant attested by 1st Class Magistrate.

Change in Head of Family-

Candidate has to submit the Death Certificate in case of death of Family Head or proof of any other reason.

Address Change in Ration Card-

If the address changed within the circle, the physical verification will be initiated by the department. The proof of address also should be submitted by the applicant.

Change in FPS/ KOD in Delhi-

An application should be submitted by the applicant to the department on plain paper. The reasons must be mentioned by the applicant for change in FPS/KOD.

Food Grains Distribution Criteria in NCT of Delhi-

N.C.T of Delhi has been divided into various categories for the proper supply and distribution of SFAs and Kerosene Oil. The same  has been described below as updated on 20th Nov 2015.

APL Ration Card in Delhi–

The families whose total annual income is above Rs. 1,00,000 (1 Lac) can apply for Unstamped (White Colour) APL Ration Card. The families having total income of Rs. 24,200 to 1,00,000 can apply for Stamped APL Ration Card.

BPL Ration Card in Delhi-

BPL (Below Poverty Line) Ration Card issued by department to the Families having total annual income less than Rs. 24,,200/-.

Antyodya Anna Yojana (AAY) in Delhi-

Family with disabled adult and no assured means of subsistence, land less laborers, marginal farmers, artisans, craft men, widows, terminally ill persons etc. are covered under this scheme.

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