Apply Ration Card for New Place of Residence

Apply Ration Card for New Place of Residence

Procedure for Issuing Ration Card for New Address

Ration Card is the important document for various purposes for Indian families. In case a Ration Card Holder has shifted to another place and wants ration card on new address, he can apply for the same.

To get New Ration Card on new place, the applicant can apply with supplying the relevant Application Form and necessary documents. The application form will be submitted to the Food & Supply/ concerned department by the applicant.

Necessary Documents for Address Change-

For New ration Card, The Card Holder/ Applicant will have to submit following documents to the department-

  • Application Form for shifting address
  • Group Family Photo
  • Identity Proof such as Aadhar Card/ Voter ID Card etc.
  • Surrender Certificate/ Name Deletion Certificate from the authority of old place of residence/ old ration card.

The New Ration Card will be issued by the department with in 7 days.

How to Apply for Ration Card on New Place-

The Ration Card can be applied from anywhere you live. In case you have shifted to a new place, and you want a New Ration Card there, need not worry. Simply Apply Online, or visit the Food & Supply Office or your new place. The will help you to obtain your new Ration Card.

Updated: January 30, 2018 — 1:39 pm
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