Apply for Surrender Certificate Online- Haryana

Apply for Surrender Certificate – Haryana

Issue of Surrender Certificate For Ration Card in Haryana

Surrender certificate is necessary when name of the any new member is to be included in the Ration Card or in the deletion of name of the any member. For surrender certificate applicant need to apply in the form No. D-1 and surrender the old Ration Card. It will be issued by the concerned jurisdiction.

If the Cardholder leaves or shift residence outside the circle then he is required to surrender the ration card from the old place and get the Surrender Certificate from old place and after that should apply at new place. For Surrender certificate, applicant should fill the D-1 form.

Procedure to Get Surrender Certificate in Haryana

The applicant should put up his/her application to circle FSO / e-Disha center where the applicant permanently resides, on any working day. After submission of the applications and fee, a computer generated slip will be given to the applicants with a target date. After that verification will be done by the AFSO/ Inspector and if all found correct then ration card is given to the applicant. Time period of 7 days will be covered in this whole process. Fee of Rs. 10 will be taken by department.

Required Documents for Surrender Certificate-

1) Application form.
2) Original Ration Card.
3) Depot. Holder deletion the name from register with seal and signature.
4) Original Ration Card

Maximum Time For issuing Surrender Certificate will be 1 Day.

Updated: January 30, 2018 — 1:02 pm
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