How to Delete Name from Ration Card

Remove/ Delete Name from Ration Card

The name deletion of a family member from Ration Card is not a hard process. However it may take time due to lake of necessary documents. But mostly it takes not more than 7-15 days. The name deletion can be applied in following cases-

  • Marriage of a Girl.
  • Death of family member.
  • Division of Family.
  • Any other reason.

All the state governments have provided this facility to Remove/ Delete the name of a family member in above cases. The applicant may apply for this through both Online or Offline modes. However, some state have no facility for Online Application, such candidates only have the option to apply through the prescribed written proforma. The same may be available on the related website of state food & supply department.

Fees for the Name Deletion-

The fee for deletion a name from ration card may vary from state to state. However, a minor fee of Rs. 5-10 is taken by the department. The receipt of the same will also be given to you by the office.

If you want to apply for the Name Deletion from Ration Card, you will have reach to the the Food Supply Department.

  1. Get the Application Form for Name Deletion.
  2. Fill up the Form and submit it to the same office with necessary documents.

Documents required for Remove the Family Member’s Name-

  1. Duly filled Application Form (D1).
  2. Death Certificate of Family Member whose name is to be removed.
  3. Marriage Certificate (in case of Daughter/ Girl’s Marriage)
  4. New Passport Size Family Photo.

The Sub-Inspector/ Inspector from Food & Supply Department will verify the particulars submitted by applicant. He/ She may visit the residence of the applicant for inquiry.

The ration card will be supplied to you by District Food and Supplies Controller/ Assistant Food and Supplies Officer/ Inspector Food and Supplies with in 7 to 15 days.

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  1. Sir,my mom,sister,brother& myself are living seperately.Our ration card is in the name of our grandma(dad’s mom).My mom & dad got divorced in front of some village people before 18years.Now I need ration card for my job purposein the address of the place which I’m living now.My dad is not ready to remove his name from the ration card.Is it possible to remove my mom, brother & sister & my names in the ration card so tat my dad’ name will be in the older one..If it is possible what is the procedure?

  2. mere card me mera paap death ho gai inka naam nikaalna, aur mere behan do hai in ka bhi naam nikaalna, in dono ka alak alak ration card hai. Sirf mera aur mere maa ka naam hona chahiye. his ka procedure kay karna mujhe bataeye.

  3. Sir , my marriage is love marriage, my mother not giving ration card,I have Xerox copy of ration card and my marriage certificate, I have 2 children, I have birth certificate also, how can I remove name from my mother card? And I need new ration card.pls guide me

  4. Wanted to know how to correct a name in Ration card.
    eg : ration card name has been changed to Aparna, when it is actually Shalaka. Aparna is the name before marriage. But since the people were illiterate and unaware they have done this mistake. Kindly guide us in this, by giving us the steps as how to proceed for correcting this.So our requirement is now the name in the Ration card should be Shalaka and not Aparna.

  5. Respected sir or madam, our ration card is expired. But in Chennai my name as to be add in their card after marriage. But I don’t know what are the procedure for this. In Chennai they are asking bring no objection letter from Bangalore government office.

  6. Hi,

    My brother applied for new Ration card including family members .Later we came to know that my sister-in-law name(AdharNo) was already linked (mentioned) in another Ration card wrongly in another place very far from my place.

    How we can delete that name online?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pavan Kumar Maram.

  7. jameel ahmad sir mujhe new rashan card banwana hai kab nww rashan card banenge

  8. More ration card heithil paradip municipality re but mu ferei deithili
    Hele more a parjyant paisa refunds paili nahni

  9. Jiria w/o suleman village pakariyar po rampur mahuabari deoria up ration card delete kiya jay inke pass char ration card hai

  10. My Grandfather had ration card on his name in Mumbai. He expired suddenly, leaving his wife & 5 Sons Behind. The ration card till his death had his wife’s & all 5 son’s name on it. Now my Dad who is youngest of all 5 Brother’s expired 1 1/2 year Back. Prior to his death his Mom Means my Grandmother too expired due to old age. now my Uncle’s have removed my Daddy’s name without our concern from my Grandfather’s ration card. And has also transfered the same flat on Eldest Brother name. They are not giving me any copy of Old/New Ration card nor any details of how the deleted my fathers name from the ration card. What shall i do for the same to know how they deleted his name, how can i get his name back on the ration card as Uncle has transfered the old one on his name. Please help me solve this query

  11. in my ration card one daughter marriaged and another one liveing separa..tly with her daughter now i whant delited their names and separate ration card to be obtained for them what is procedure pl response

  12. Two members in my Ration card were dead,one is my father and sister before my marriage.Now i Was Married with two children now i want to delete those to names and add my wife n my children as me the head of the card

  13. In my ration card I want to delete two names as they were left my family.Kindly advise me the proceedure to remove the name from my ration card without the production of document.

    1. mera ration card delete ho gaya hai no. 202002916679 name pratima devi plese sir mera ration card phir se net pe jada digiye

  14. In my ration card 2 members left from my family. I want to delete their name in my ration card. Kindly give me guidelines to remove their name.

  15. I am soundara karthik I need to get a new card since my parents have shifted to madurai with my brother;i am married i need to add my wife’s & kids name and need to delete my parents & brothers name what is the procedure

  16. Category-RKSY-II eta amar delete kore din sir.eta amar anuradh..

  17. After marriage I didn’t deleted my name from ration card. And even I don’t want to delete it anyway. But my concern is if they know that I got married will they delete my name from system.
    We don’t have any new ration card after marriage.. so I wanna continue with my family ration card only.

  18. My name is Babulal behere. I want to removed form my name in ration card because I have already married but this ration card is issue joints with my family member. so I want to removed my name form ration card.



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