Ration Card Eligibility

Ration Card Eligibility Details

Ration Card Eligibility- To have a Ration Card, you need to get Application Form from the Food Supply Department/ Concerned Authority of your area. However, it is available in all the district or local area offices, in case you have not found it, you can also Download Ration Card Application Form from respective state website of Food Supply Department or Concerned Authority.

A person who is the head of family or any other person of family on his behalf can apply for Ration Card. It is to be noted that the members included in the Ration Card do not have be included in another Ration Card.

First of all, to apply for a Ration Card in India, you must have the citizenship of India. You must have an Identity Proof of it. If you are a permanent resident of India, you are eligible for Ration Card.

There are some other requirements you need to fulfill to get a Specific Colour Ration card.

Eligibility for Pink/ Yellow Ration Card-

If your annual income is less than the criteria, you can also apply for Yellow/ Pink Ration Card. The families fall under APL (Above Poverty Line) can apply for this card. The Green/ Orange Colour Card can be issued by the Food & Supply Department or issuing authority on a written request with Application Form.

Eligibility for  Blue Ration Card-

Blue card is issued by the State Government to the families who have not availed LPG. The families who have not registered for LPG Connection/ Gas Connection are eligible for applying Blue Ration Card.  This Ration Card will be used to get kerosene from Ration Depot to the consumers.

Updated: January 30, 2018 — 1:42 pm
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