Ration Card – Arunachal Pradesh Online

Ration Card – Arunachal Pradesh Online

Ration Card is essential document for every citizen in Arunachal Pradesh. Every family residing in the Arunachal Pradesh have a right to get the ration card from the government of the state.Ration Cards to the consumers are issued by the respective District authority as per Govt. guidelines. The family ration card is issued in the name of head of the family covering all the members of each family after proper verification.

To get the Ration Card in Arunachal, respective person have to apply for the ration card in the prescribed format. Application form is available online and can be easily downloaded.

Filling Up of Application Form-

Application should be submitted by the head of the family for Ration Card in Arnachal.


  1. Download the Ration Card Application Form from the official portal.
  2. Fill up the forms with the necessary details like Name, Father/ Husband’s Name/ Address/ Declaration.
  3. Attach Necessary Documents (List given below).
  4. Submit the form to the nearby Ration Card Office and Pay the requisite fee.

After submission Officers will enquire about all details entered. If all the details found correct, ration card will be sent by the authority at the place of the applicant.

Necessary Documents-

Along with the application form, 2 Passport types photographs and proof of residence should also be submitted.

A copy of any of the Following documents may be submitted for the proof of residence-

  • Identity Card issued by the Govt. or Public Sector undertaking.
  • Latest Telephone bill in the name of the applicant.
  • Driving License.
  • Voter Identity Card.
  • Extract of electoral roll.

In case of the Modifications, applicant should produce following documents-

Surrender and Deletion Certificate and a copy of transfer/appointment order through the head of office in case of Govt. employees and through the concerned ASM/ZPM in case of general public.

For Member Modification/ Change/ Correction in Ration Card-

Fill the Modification Application Form-  Sample of the form can be downloaded from the official website.


For members  Deletion- Death Certificate/Transfer Copy/ Marriage Certificate

For members Addition- Birth Certificate or Surrender/ Deletion Certificate and New Family Group Photograph

For members Name Change- Affidavit of name change issued by the Judicial Magistrate

For Head of the Family Change- Death Certificate and other specific document regrading the HOF Change

Old Copy of the Ration card is also to be attached.

For Other Modifications-

1) In case of Fresh against Replacement/ Card Surrender/ Duplicate (Lost Card)/ Address Change should fill the prescribed form. Sample of the form can be downloaded online.

2) Documents- For Fresh against Replacement and Card Surrender, no additional documents should be produced except old card. If the card has been lost, copy of police F.I.R. is required.

For Address Change – Copy of any of the documents i.e. Electricity Bill, Phone Bill, Election Photo ID, Land Allotment Order should be submitted for new address proof.

Loss of Ration Card/ Lost Ration Card-

In case of loss of Ration Card, application for the duplicate card can be made. For duplicate card, a affidavit about the loss of the card should be attached and requisite fee should be paid. After the due enquiry authority will issue the duplicate card.

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