Ration Card Online- Himachal Pradesh

Ration Card Online- Himachal Pradesh

Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh | Download Application Form | Update Ration Card/ Correction/ Change in Name, Address in Himachal Pradesh- The government of Himachal Pradesh has provided various online facilities for the citizens of Himachal Pradesh. People of Himachal Pradesh can apply online for Ration Card related issues in the state including main cities i.e. Chamba, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Kangra, Kasauli, Kullu, Manali, Shimla and Solan.

Ration Card Department in Himachal Pradesh-

Department Name– Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs
Address– Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, HP Aapurti Bhavan, Block No. 42, SDA Complex, Kusumpti, Shimla 171009
Phone No.– 0177 2623749 (Telefax)

To Whom Application Should Be Made for Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh?

Application for obtaining Ration Card should be made to the below authorities-

  • Panchayat Pradhan – Rural Areas
  • Inspector (FCS & CA)- Urban Areas

Who Can Apply for Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh?

Ration Card is right of the every citizen. In following situations application for the ration card can be made-

1. Persons not having Ration Card-

Persons who does not have Ration Card anywhere in the India, can make fresh apply for the Ration Card. For this they need the a certificate from the Panchayat Pradhan / Inspector, FCS&CA / Concerned Authority in writing that the person having no ration card. Such a certificate will normally be granted after the person files an affidavit to this effect to the issuing authority.

2. For Temporary Ration Card-

Temporary Ration Card will be issued to the Migratories and duration of the card should not exceed more than 3 Months.

3. For Duplicate Ration Card-

If Ration Card has been lost, become defaced, mutilated, illegible then in these situations Cardholder can apply for the Duplicate Ration Card and same will be issued by the competent authority.

4. In Case of Transfer-

If Government Officials or other person who got transferred from one place to another, at new place need of the ration card will arise. In these types of situations Deletion Certificate is required from the Panchayat Pradhan/ Inspector, FCS & CA of the place from where the person was residing the previously.

5. After Marriage Entry to be made in the Ration Card-

In the case of marriage, for addition of the new member deletion certificate from previous place will need to produce.

6. In case of the Birth Of Child-

In case of the birth of the child, member addition entry is to made in the Ration Card. So Birth Certificate will be required for the modification in Ration Card.

Application Procedure-

1. Application Form attested by the Head of the Office in case of employees and by any Municipal Commissioner or Gazetted Officer or MLA/Ward Member or any other person authorised by the Government.

2. Certificate from the Panchayat Pradhan/ Inspector, FCS& CA/ Concerned Authority in writing that the person having no Ration Card.

3. Applicant will be given a receipt at the time of the submission of form and on that slip a date will be mentioned on that date applicant should collect the Ration Card. Before issuance of the Ration Card, enquiry and verification about the address, members and other information will be done by the Inspector or concerned authority.

Applicable Fee for Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh-

Fee of Rs. 5/- from APL Families will be charged for the new ration card.

Time Duration for Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh-

  1. Inclusion / Deletion of Family Members- Same day on presentation of card with required proof OR Within 7 days if physical verification is necessary (for additions).
  2. Change in address within jurisdiction of same fair price shop- Same day
  3. Change in address involving change of fair price shop- Within One week
  4. Issue of surrender certificate on transfer of family to another city- Same DayIssue of fresh ration cards on production of surrender certificate within the same State -Within Seven Days
  5. Issue of fresh ration card on production of surrender certificate from another State – Within 15 days.
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