Ration Card Online- West Bengal

Ration Card Online- West Bengal

Procedure for Apply for Ration Card in West Bengal | Update/ Correction in Ration Card in West Bengal & Application for Ration Card in West Bengal- Family Head who want to apply for the Ration Card in the West Bengal can get the application Form R.O.1 from the concerned office. It is available at the official website also, so it can be downloaded from there.

  1. Enter the Applicant and its address related details in the required boxes.
  2. After that members related information like Name, Age, Occupation etc.

Signature of the applicant is also necessary. Applicant must be Head of the family or it can be person authorised by the Head of family on his behalf.

Application Form Download –

Application Form (R.O. 1) for the Family Identity Card/ New Ration Card can be downloaded form the Official Website of West Bengal/ Department of Food & Supplies..

For Modification/ Changes in Ration Card in West Bengal-

For Modifications in the Ration Card in West Bengal like Change in Name of Self/ Father/ Mother/ Wife/ Son/ Daughter or in Address, the Application Form R.O.1 need to be filled. Format of the application is available on the official website. In application form, changes and reason for changes should be mentioned and other details also be filled in the relevant columns.

Check Status of Ration Card in West Bengal-

Digital Ration Card – Digitization Status can be Tracked/ Checked of a Ration Card Application Form through the Food Supply Website of West Bengal.

List of Ration Card Holders in West Bengal-

The full list of Ration Card Holders in West Bengal is also made available on the official website by WB government. It can be Downloaded with the DDPS, SCFS, Block FPS details.

West Bengal Food and Supplies Department Details-

Address- 224a, A P C Road, Shyambazar, A P C Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700004
Phone No.- 033 2533 7639
Official Websitre-

Updated: April 11, 2017 — 3:45 pm


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  1. Same problem in rajarhat kolkata. BDO office says go to Panchayat office . Panchayat office says go to BDO office.

  2. Ami 3 bochor age ration card er apply korechi.onek bar office slip niye gechi.kintu ekhono pai ni.ora aj o hoy ni kal o hoy no bolche.r ekhon ration card er slip tao harie felechi.amar ki koronio.

  3. আমি নদীয়া জেলার কালিগঞ্জ ব্লকের মাটিয়ারী গ্রামের বাসিন্দা । নতুন রেশন কার্ডের জন্য দরখাস্ত করেছিলাম । কিন্তু এখনো নতুন রেশন কার্ড পেলাম না। মাটিয়ারী পঞ্চায়েতে খোঁজ নিয়ে জানলাম . আমাদের পরিবারের কোন রেশন কার্ড নেই । দেবগ্রাম B.D.O. office থেকেও বলছে, সমস্ত রেশন কার্ড পঞ্চায়েত অফিসে পাঠিয়ে দেওয়া হয়েছে !
    এমত অবস্থায় আমার এখন কি করণীয় যদি যথোপোযুক্ত উপদেশ দিয়ে ব্যথিত করেন ।

    আমি – স্নেহাশিস দে
    স্ত্রী – রঞ্জনা দে
    পুত্র – অর্ক দে

  4. Shib Shankar gheedia

    I have got my ration card no idno.RKSYI-II 702111000 in the name of shib Shankar Gheedia
    But did not got my elder son’s Ration card in the name of NITIN GHEEDIA .pl suggest how and from where I will get the same

  5. we are from paschim medinipur and we 8 members in our family. we have already submitted requirements by local members of political party and already our nieghbours got digital ration card. But till this day we have our old ration cards. Now previous week our ration dealer asked for new cards and he can not supply materials without the new ration cards. we are resides in village and now we are so confused for what should we do?

  6. My wife Ratna Begum.
    Tahar ration card ekhono pawoa jai nai. Doya kore dekhben jate taratari powa jai.

  7. surojeet banerjee


    I have applied for digital card for me and My Mother. we come under APL catogory. also applied for APL cards only. twice people came to our house and did verification and said we will get APL card. But when new cards were distributed, we received BPL card… now what should I do. we do not come under BPL category nor we have applied for BPL card, yet we are provided BPL Card.. pl. suggest how to change the cards to APL card.

  8. Sir My Daughter Name is showing wrong where should i go for change.
    My address is Ekdalia Place, word no-68, Kolkata-19

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