Ration Card – Types and Uses

Ration Card Types in India

State Governments of India issue various types of Ration Cards according to the groups divided like APL (Above Poverty Line), BPL (Below Poverty Line), High Income roup people, and Antyodaya Families as per their needs. The groups may be different according to the state.

There are 3 types of Ration Cards provided in India-

Antyodaya Ration Card-

The Antyodaya Ration Card is issued to the poorest families having no stable income. Old age men and women, unemployed people, laborers come under this category.

BPL Ration Card-

BPL Ration Card issued to the families falling under ‘Below Poverty Line’. Families having the annual income less than 10,000* (may vary from state to state), can apply for BPL Ration Card.

APL Ration Card-

APL Ration Card is issued by state government to the people falling Above Poverty Line. Everybody can apply for this Ration card, there is no limit of annual income under this category.

Colour Wise Categories-

Blue/ Pink/ Red Ration Card-

Blue Ration Cards are issued to the Families which come below the poverty line in state. The state government issues this Blue Card to citizens. Special subsidies are also given to these Blue Ration Card holders. This Card is also used to take Kerosene from Ration Shops on subsidy rates. The families having no Gas/ LPG connections can apply for Blue Ration Card.

Orange Colour Ration Card-

Orange Colour Ration Card is issued to the people coming in Above Poverty Line. Maximum Annual Income may be different by state.

Yellow Ration Card-

The people falling under below poverty line, can apply for Yellow Ration Card. The terms and conditions & eligibility may be different state by state.

* Colour may be different in different states for BPL & APL.

Temporary Ration Card-

Temporary Ration Cards can be issued to a citizen, if he/ she need it urgently. The validity of this card is a specific month or weeks. These Ration Cards are issued to the citizens for relief purpose.

Ration Card Eligibility

Ration Card Application Form

Get Duplicate Ration Card – Apply Online

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  1. A govt. Job holder can hold SPHH digital rati card? In which category this card belong? Pls reply anyone!!!

  2. I recived wrong rashan Card mean category error how to cancel and want Change in Right category Rashan which i belong

  3. Hi there

    I would be obliged if some one can explain me about PHH, NPH & PHHS ration cards as i cant find any information on these?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Shakur Tisekar

  4. I live in Hyderabad. My maid wanted to apply for BPL ration card. She lives with her husband, mother and father in law and 2 children. She works as house maid, her husband is a daily wage labour and father in law works as watchman. Together they might earn more than Rs 10,000 per month. Is she eligible to get BPL rashion card and what is the income limit per person to get that.

  5. mere ration card pe inome 72000 hai to muje ration nahi mil sakata kya?kyunki hmare yaha ka ration vala hame ration nahi deta hai

  6. sir i am tamilnadu,erode(district),bhavani(taluk)-638301
    i would to change of my ration type APL to BPL.what is the procedure sir.

  7. Respected Sir,
    I am from Kerala and on my Ration Card, the Ration Card type is written as “Non Priority”. What does that mean? Please kindly reply to my question as soon as possible because we can change any mistakes(if any) on our ration card before 30th of this month.

  8. Dear Sir,
    What is the meaning of AAY ration card, LOF rice ration card… in Tamilnadu.
    Please clarify.

    Thanks and regards,

  9. Sir,mera naam Kishori Mahto,father’s name sri Nirpat Mahto hai,village-kharki,po-kharki,ps-Bishnugarh,dist-Hazaribag,JHARKHAND KA STHAI NIWASI HUN,MAHODAY,MAIN EK GRIB AUR DONO PAIR KA VIKLANG HUN,SIR MAIN 3 BAR BLOCK STAR PAR AWEDAN DIYA,MUJHE RATION CARD NAHI BANA SIR AISA KYON HOTA HAI SIR MERA AWEDAN KANHA CHALA JATA HAI SIR ,kya aise-aise log ko ration card nahi banna chahiye please type answer sir?

  10. i want to know pink ration card comes APL category or BPL category.

  11. There are 3 (three)types of ration
    cards provides to the citizens of India namely APL , BPL and ANTYODAYA Ration Card.But Tripura govt.have provided ADHOC BPL also.Now my questions are-
    1.What is the basic difference between ADHOC BPL and BPL Ration card ?
    2.BPL Ration card holders are getting various govt facilities as per govt norms.Will ADHOC BPL Ration card holders also eligible for getting the same or what..?

  12. How to know that what items are available from Ration Shop ? Normally they don’t share the true pictures. If I am holding White card then how can i know that which items and how much quantity i will get per week/per month ?

  13. Can a households with blue (bpl) card apply for free financial grant for medical support from chemistry of health.

  14. My ration card is SPHH what typ of this APL/BPL ?

  15. respected sir mera ration card no 10250030004001110106 hai jo shanti devi ka name sa hai phir bhi isa wrong bataya ja raha hai

  16. my ration card is of P.H. Type what does it means?

  17. Kusum bibi Jatadih giridih jharkhand ka rasn card 5 admiml nahi ayayahi

  18. My ration card not respod for googal


  20. thank for help in my project

  21. Mere sase ka blue rashan cared bana he
    Uske unko Kia Kia labhe mele ge mujhko app bati

  22. Ame tanmoy ganguly amar bari burdwan a AME bpl ration card a list dektay chilam kentu network a may dakalo na AME ke korbo

  23. Sir mera ration nahi bna h

  24. I have no ration card facilities

  25. Ashok kumar mahto

    Off line ration card banane ka process kya hai,
    Mai Ranchi dist Tamar block ke kothadih
    Ke antargar aata hu ,or mere family ka income 40000 hajar hai ,to mai kis ration card ka labhuk me aa sakta hu,as
    Lal,pila bulu ,Plz guide me

  26. Bendi.chinnarao

  27. chang adrass

  28. Khothanewariya

    1. you no get sense

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